High, Low and Everything



A new fragrance called Symphony No. 5

Smell like ink, sweat, and the angst of 100 composers

Introducing an even newer fragrance called Symphony No. 9

Contains essences of death, fear, and the unfulfilled hopes and dreams of 8 composers.


In case you’re not quite awake yet, here is Martha Argerich performing Prokofiev’s third piano concerto at an exhilarating rate of speed.

Argerich and Prokofiev both terrify me, so this is a nice intense inspiration for my busy Saturday morning.

What is everybody up to this weekend?

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Chamber Music demands of a composer the most impeccable technique and depth of thought. I don’t think I will be wrong if I say that composers sometimes hide their poverty-stricken ideas behind the brilliance of orchestral sound. The timbral riches which are at the disposal of the contemporary symphony orchestra are inaccessible to the small chamber ensemble. Thus, to write a chamber work is much harder than to write an orchestral one.

—Dmitri Shostakovich (via rjtyler)

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